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KSF2 Furler set - Top-down drum & swivel (HR snap shackle + shac

Model: KA-KSF02+

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The Karver KSF2+ Furling Pack consists of the KSF2 furling drum and the KF2 swivel. The drum comes fitted with a snap shackle and the swivel comes equipped with an HR Shackle for connection to the halyard. All that remains is the selection of a suitable torsional cable or rope. The specified weight includes drum, swivel plus x1 HR shackle and x1 snap shackle. The stated pin-pin measurement combines drum/snap shackle with swivel/HR shackle - in effect from bearing surface of the snap shackle to bearing surface of the HR shackle.


  • Working Load Kg:2500
  • Breaking load Kg:5000
  • Weight gr.:950
  • Max. rope Ø mm:8
  • Sheave Ø mm:144
  • Max. height mm:128