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legal advice:

1. Content of online offer
The retailer doesn’t grant the currentness, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided information. Claims against the retailer that refer to any material or non-material damage and are caused by use or non-use of the provided information or alternatively by use of defective or incomplete information, are excluded, unless there is evidence for intentional or reckless fault by the retailer. All offers are nonobligatory and noncommittal. The retailer reserves the right to change, add or delete parts of the range or the overall offer, even to close the publication occasionally or definitely, without extra announcement.

2. Reprimands and links
Concerning direct or indirect links to external websites which lie beyond the retailer’s area of responsibility, the retailer only assumes liability in case that he was aware of the contents and if it was technically possible and reasonable for him to prevent the use in the event of illegitimate contents. Therefore the retailer states expressively that at the time when the links were set, all linked sites were free from any illegitimate content. The retailer has absolutely no influence on the actual or prospective design nor on the contents of the linked websites. This is why he repudiates himself in the strongest terms from any contents of any linked websites, which have been modified after setting the links. This statement counts for any links and reprimands set within his own online offer as well as for external entries in guestbooks, discussion forums or mailing lists established by the retailer. Only the third-party supplier of the linked website is liable for any illegitimate, defective or incomplete contents, especially for damage produced by the use of such information, not the person who only refers to the publication by linking. If parts or single formulations of this text do not, not any more or not completely conform to prevailing legal norms, the rest of the document remains unaffected in its content and legal force.

3. Copyright and related rights
The retailer is anxious, regarding all publications, to observe the copyright of used images, sound files, video files and texts, to use self-made images, sound files, video files and texts or to draw on public domain images, sound files, video files and texts. Any trademarks appearing in the online offer and possibly trademarked by third parties fully underlie the regulations of the actual legal copyright and related rights of the registered proprietor. Only because trademarks are named, doesn’t mean they aren’t proprietary! The copyright for published, self-made objects remains only with the provider of the website. It is not allowed to reproduce or use these images, sound files, video files and texts in any electronic or printed publications without prior agreement.