Gottifredi Maffioli S.R.L
Loopline 78 mm 10 Light Blue

Model: GM-PLL1000-AZ

RRP gross:12,65€ / meter

available in 3-4 weeks
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Loopline 78 has been designed to allow an easy construction of high performance continuous diameter loops suitable for different types of furlers.


  • Continuous diameter loop


  • Excellent abrasion resistance and shape stability for a perfect behavior in furler drum


  • Core :Loopline 78
  • Category:racing
  • Color code:AZ
  • Coating 1:diamante
  • Coating 2:u-coat
  • Weight kg:0.066
  • Breaking load Kg:4350
  • Product name:Loopline 78
  • Diameter mm:10
  • Coat type:KP