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The existence of Gottifredi Maffioli represents a history of challenges and new ideas. Thanks to the constant innovation and to the many challenges won, Gottifredi Maffioli has become a reference point for various markets through the years

Welcome in the Kohlhoff configurator! Configure and calculate your running rigging quick and easy with a few mouse clicks. Please note that we are a wholesale company and supplying via our dealer network, sailmakers and yards. At the end of the configurator you have the possibilities to print or mail your shopping list or order the goods directly at one of our selected premium partners.

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We have a selection of different boattypes with pre-configured rope length in our system. In case your boat is not in our database you can type in your boats measurements. The system will calculate your rope length individually. In case your boattype is listed just choose your boat, the system will fill out all necessary measurements.


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* Because of the reason there are many different rigg configurations available we cannot guaranty the right length. Please check our datas on your boat.

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In case your boat is not in our database you can type in your measurements. Your sailmaker does have all necessary information for you.

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  • whippingcockpit side
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  • flamish eyecockpit side
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  • eye cover splicesail side
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  • eye splicesail side
    eye splice
  • tapering throug stripping sail side
    tapering throug stripping
    Length of the taper measured sail side
  • stripping and recovering with Dyneema cover sail side
    stripping and recovering with Dyneema cover
    Length of the stripping measured sail side

Following hardware is available to this configuration

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  • Ronstan pulpin snap shackleKonfigurator Info
  • Ronstan main halyard shackleKonfigurator Info
  • Ronstan sailmakers thimbleKonfigurator Info
  • Tylaska racing main halyard shackleKonfigurator Info
  • Tylaska genoascheet shackleKonfigurator Info
  • Tylaska racing snap shackleKonfigurator Info
  • LOOP connectorKonfigurator Info
  • LOOP thimbleKonfigurator Info
  • LOOP shackleKonfigurator Info

no hardware selected

Ronstan pulpin snap shackle

Snap Shackle Small Bale 92mm62,35€Auswählen
Snap Shackle Small Bale 110mm77,02€Auswählen
Snap Shackle Small Bale 69mm48,91€Auswählen

Ronstan main halyard shackle

Shackle,Halyard,Pin 3/16”,L:22mm,W:15mm13,82€Auswählen
Shackle,Halyard,Pin 1/4”,L:32mm,W:19mm15,67€Auswählen
Shackle,Halyard,Pin 5/16”,L:39mm,W:20mm22,52€Auswählen

Ronstan sailmakers thimble

Sailmaker Stainless Steel Thimble 1/8”4,29€Auswählen
Sailmaker Stainless Steel Thimble 5/32”4,29€Auswählen
Sailmaker Stainless Steel Thimble 3/16”5,38€Auswählen
Sailmaker Stainless Steel Thimble 1/4”8,40€Auswählen
Sailmaker Stainless Steel Thimble 5/16”13,66€Auswählen

Tylaska racing main halyard shackle

H5 Aluminum Halyard Shackle115,92€Auswählen
H5 2:1 Aluminum Halyard Shackle (with Pulley)162,31€Auswählen
H8 Aluminum Halyard Shackle125,21€Auswählen
H8 2:1 Aluminum Halyard Shackle (with Pulley)173,49€Auswählen
H12 Aluminum Halyard Shackle157,69€Auswählen
H12 2:1 Aluminum Halyard Shackle (with Pulley)209,71€Auswählen
H20 Aluminum Halyard Shackle243,99€Auswählen
H20 2:1 Aluminum Halyard Shackle (with Pulley)318,24€Auswählen

Tylaska genoascheet shackle

TYLASKA - J8 J-Lock Shackle141,93€Auswählen
TYLASKA -J12 J-Lock Shackle152,10€Auswählen
TYLASKA - J20 J-Lock Shackle193,87€Auswählen
TYLASKA - J30 J-Lock Shackle338,95€Auswählen

Tylaska racing snap shackle

T5S standard bail snap shackle179,03€Auswählen
T8S standard bail snap shackle188,32€Auswählen
T12S Standard bail snap shackle210,63€Auswählen
T20S Standard bails snap shackle294,12€Auswählen

LOOP connector

LOOP® CONNECTOR 8 open version L5-120-3 w/Velcro27,10€Auswählen
LOOP® CONNECTOR 10 open version L6-150-3 w/Velcro30,92€Auswählen
LOOP® CONNECTOR 12 open version L8-210-3 w/Velcro41,76€Auswählen

LOOP thimble

LOOP® THIMBLE 206,68€Auswählen
LOOP® THIMBLE 247,52€Auswählen
LOOP® THIMBLE 308,82€Auswählen
LOOP® THIMBLE 4010,97€Auswählen
LOOP® THIMBLE 5012,94€Auswählen
LOOP® THIMBLE 6014,29€Auswählen

LOOP shackle

LOOP® SHACKLE - Double String Standard 5 mm8,28€Auswählen
LOOP® SHACKLE - Double String Standard 6 mm9,83€Auswählen
LOOP® SHACKLE - Double String Standard 8 mm16,97€Auswählen

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