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NKE ULTRASONIC SPEED SENSOR without thru hull fitting

Model: N-90-60-479

RRP gross:1.180,10€ / piece

available in 3-4 weeks
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The ULTRASONIC SPEEDO sensor is a measuring instrument that provides speed and distance covered by the ship, as well as water temperature. Its ultrasound technology allows it to achieve a level of accuracy and reliability superior to standard paddlewheel speedometers. In the absence of any moving mechanical parts, no maintenance is required once it is put in operation. Two types of installation are possible : - The ULTRASONIC SPEEDO is connected to the TOPLINE bus of your installation, via the loch sounder interface. - As an autonomous sensor, with a 12V power supply, the ULTRASONIC SPEEDO provides the information on speed, via an NMEA0183 output or a Paddlewheel output. The ULTRASONIC SPEEDO is installed on the hull of the boat, using a through-hull.