LOOP® E-Furler 1500 Typ3 incl. watertight converterbox 12/18V an

Model: L-EF1500-3

RRP gross:2.953,90€ / piece

available in 3-4 weeks
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The waterproof LOOP EF1500-3 Furler is prepared for fixed wiring in this version. The Furler is like a Spinnaker pole endfitting in the front of the tube and is secured there with 2 screws or pop rivets against falling out. The cable runs in the tube to the inner end of the bowsprit and exits there from the actually intended for a tackl line hole. The cable then runs on deck, for example, in the anchor box. The motor of the Furler runs on 18V, so we must convert the current to 18V . Our waterproof box accepts the 12/18 volt converter. The charger and the battery are not included in this version. The remote control unit is also installed in the waterproof box.