Jefa Steering ApS
Jefa Steering Standard wheel 800 mm, polished rim

Model: JS-WHS0800P

RRP gross:597,70€ / piece

available in 10-14 days
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The standard Jefa steering wheels are produced in stainless steel 316 and cover a range from 600 mm to 1200 mm overall diameter in steps of 100 mm. The standard wheels up to 1000 mm contain 5 tapered spokes, above 1000 mm diameter the wheels contain 7 tapered spokes. The hub is made in one part and constructed in an ingenious way, so no welding of the spokes is visible on the outside. Jefa steering has chosen to use as standard a thicker diameter rim of 25 mm in stead of the industry standard of 22 mm. The standard wheels are available in a polished version or covered with leather. All standard wheels are CE approved.