Jefa Steering ApS
Jefa Steering Carbon wheel 900 mm

Model: JS-WHC0900

RRP gross:3.746,91€ / piece

available in 10-14 days
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Normally carbon wheels are produced in bits (separate spokes and rim parts) and glued together to make the complete wheel. Jefa carbon wheels are produced in a very big moulding in one go using vacuum technology. The big advantage is a much lighter, stiffer and stronger construction as the carbon fibres overlap in the complete wheel without any joints. The 2,1 Kg 900 mm, the 2,3 Kg 1000 mm, the 2,6 Kg 1100 mm, the 4,5 Kg 1700 mm and the 4,8 Kg 1900 mm carbon wheels are mostly available ex stock.The Jefa carbon wheels are CE approved.