Winch 102-200mm Shaft

Model: R-RA510103

RRP gross:683,00€ / piece

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When a yacht requires the classic look of an older style winch, yet needs the functional performance of modern winch design, ANDERSEN's Classic Winches provide the perfect balance. As standard equipment on many popular classic sailboats including Dragons, H-boats and Folkboats, the polished old-school look of these winches has become the standard for yachts striving for classic beauty. All ANDERSEN Classic Winches, except the 2-speed 28STU model, have one gear and can be configured for either drum-bottom or under-deck handle placement. Single-speed versions can be “pumped” for quicker line control and the appropriate winch handle is included for each model. ANDERSEN Classic Winches suit yachts of up to 2 ton displacement, and can be customised for specific deck thicknesses with variable drive shaft lengths. They can also be fitted with under-deck self-tailing, which is particularly suitable for yachts with open cockpits.


  • Weight kg:2.0
  • Drum Ø D mm:83
  • Base Ø B mm:111
  • Height H mm:74
  • Line Entry Height L mm:-
  • Line Size mm:-
  • Gear ratio 1st speed :1.0 : 1
  • Gear ratio 2nd speed :-
  • Power ratio 1st speed :5.5 : 1
  • Power ratio 2nd speed:-
  • Manual Speed:1
  • Max Depth J mm:200
  • Handle Length S mm:240
  • Handle Length R mm:-
  • Manufacturer:Andersen